In 2008, while on a soul searching adventure through Asia, I met an amazing man named Michael. Very simply put, he asked me to join him by serving people in need. I said yes.

The 7 months spent living in the bamboo hut behind Michael and Elizabeth’s single mothers’ shelter helped shape my understanding of service, my life, and this world.

Serving first with my hands, a playground was built. Then, serving with a few other volunteers, an income generation project was created. Servitude eventually became a fund raising position, and after a number of years and a lot of hard work, it evolved into The Transient Design.

To instill this business with the heart of service, we pour conscious intent into everything we do... from product creation all the way to paying it forward after the sale is made. Call it social benefit. Call it sacred commerce. Call it whatever you would like, but to me, Michael’s invitation still remains. So it's passion forward to do our part in the task ahead.