Our Corporate Responsibility

From the start, The Transient Design has overseen the creation of our products directly. Designs are created in house, facilities are chosen face to face, and materials are purchased in person.

By directly supporting family run facilities we ensure your product is sewn by people that are working in safe environments for fair living wage. There is no online buy and sell here. This is creation at its finest. Without
missing what is important - the human element.

Slow Fashion Ethics

The better something is made, the longer it will last.
The more you value something, the better you will treat it.

For these reasons, we create clothing with as much care as possible,
so as to not create a
disposable good, but a piece of wearable art.
With many of our styles, what you wear is a one of a kind garment
that started its life as a plant, was dyed in an ecological way, sewn
or woven by the human hand, and delivered to you free of an
industry that has only profit in mind.

Environmental Ethics

In 2012, The Transient Design began using our first ever
handwoven fabrics. Eliminating an industrial process from our
clothing and adding a more human element to our garments was a decision that just felt right. When you responded, we knew we were heading in the right direction.

We followed that in 2013 with two more breakthroughs in our supply chain - all natural dyes, and flax. We now continue to provide a safer and more natural way to bring you the beautiful earth tones we are known for, as well as a more earth friendly fiber compared to
traditional industrial cotton.

In 2015 we finally made a sound connection for hemp fabrics, and introduced that option into our men’s line.  Now, these natural fiber fabrics using safe dyes are available for the guys and girls, in unique style that we know you will love!