The Transient Foundation provides direct financial aid to empower people who are
in need of
basic human rights such as food, shelter, and education.

Please take a moment to see the projects that you help to support!

Goal: Water System Replace

Supporting: Wildflower Home Women's Shelter

Needs:  A new water storage and pump system is needed to replace older infrastructure that supports the front half of Wildflower Home including childcare, housing, and administration buildings.

Status:  3 new water storage tanks have been installed and the pump system is now working properly!



Goal:  The basic human right of Statehood for Refugees fleeing oppression.

Supporting:  A small family of political refugees from Laos.

Needs: The father, who fled political violence and risk of life, is in need of legal paperwork to stay in Thailand

Status:  Success!  The father has achieved legal documents and is now living a free man in Thailand.  The Transient Design was able to assist financially through a long and arduous time of turmoil and uncertainty.  Our next mission is for his daughters to also gain the same papers so that they can eventually go to college and travel freely.


Goal: A new dorm style living area for the Women of Wildflower Home Women's Shelter

Supporting:  Single Mothers in crisis coming from all backgrounds and ethnicities so that they can return to normal life with the skills and knowledge they need to flourish.

Needs: $100,000 to be raised to complete the project.  The Transient Design kicked off an ionline fundraiser with a $2,000 donation that raised and prepared the ground for foundation. 

Status: Complete!!! Many different individuals, endowments, and even a clothing company helped financially to complete the beautiful new living area for the women. Very comfortable ope rooms, provate bathrooms, public areas, big windows... this place is nice!



Goal: Provide education for those in need through educational scholarships.

Supporting:  Four daughters and a son from a family of political refugees.  The father and three of the daughters fled communist oppression in Laos to seek refuge in Northern Thailand.  The Transient Design is now supporting this family yearly with all educational expenses.  This support provides more opportunity for these future generations and also relieves the pressures many children in this situation face to quit school and begin working to support the family.

Needs: Books, Uniforms, Transportation, Tuition, Lunch Money, and more...

Status: Currently Supporting!


Goal: Financial self sustainability and empowerment through education.

Supporting: Wildflower Home Women's Shelter, Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Wildflower Home is harvesting mushrooms for cooking and selling every day.  One mother in particular has really grown by overseeing this project.  Her new found understanding of business has picked up her spirits and is empowering her to continue in business when she eventually leaves Wildflower Home.  She is now selling these mushrooms daily at a local market.  Income has been around $30 a day!

Needs: Purchase new mushroom canisters for Wildflower Home's organic mushroom grow.

Status: Complete.



Goal: Keeping the kids cool. Let's raise the roof of the Nursery!
 The Children of Wildflower Home Women’s Shelter, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Needs: To allow for more air flow during the hot season, the roof to the open air nursery needs to be raised a few feet.
Status: Complete.



Goal: Self Sustainability in the Garden!
Wildflower Home Women’s Shelter, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Needs: Rebuild the storm damaged chicken coop. This project is proudly supported in partnership with Rustic Pathways Thailand.
Status: Complete.




Goal: Salary Assistance
Wildflower Home Women’s Shelter, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Needs: Salary assistance came at a request of Wildflower Home to relieve financial needs of running their organization. This salary assistance provided for the administrative assistant and volunteer coordinator positions.



Goal: Rebuild the foundation and front wall along with the adjoining patio
Wildflower Home Women’s Shelter, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Needs: The foundation beneath the fence that lines the front of the property is falling into the creek. This section, 80 feet long, will need to be re-poured with rebar to ensure not only the security of the shelter, but to protect the main office building's foundation, which is also at risk of falling into the creek.
Status: Complete!