This journey into business started from the most unlikely of settings... A bamboo hut. A second hand sewing machine. A service project.

For those who have been with us from the start, it's obvious why we do the things we do. Even through the first few years of start up, at a time when most companies are putting every last dime into growing the business, The Transient Design maintained financial support to a small women’s shelter in need.

Without those initial donations inspiring our young community to continue, we would not have made it to this point. The raw desire to create something that would inspire change, making even the smallest bit of good, is what kept this going.  

Please take a look at Our Mission to see what inspires us!

Now that we have found our path as a Benefit Corporation, The Transient Design’s commitment to all profits donated is just as important as ever.  This number is represented in the graph as a 15% estimated profit margin which is donated directly to San Se Inc., a 501.c.3 Nonprofit set up by Michael and Elizabeth Thaibinh, Founders of Wildflower Home Women's Shelter.